Sales information

The sale is organized in three steps:

For booking an apartment, please notify the sales representative thereof. Oral booking is free and is valid up to ten days. Oral booking is not recorded on the website. A booking deadline may be extended by agreement with the seller.

2.Contract under the Law of Obligations:
If the construction of the apartment building is not yet finished, the customer is awarded a notarized legal purchase contract under the Law of Obligations, with which 15% of the apartment price is paid.

3.A real right contract:
In cases where the apartment building is completed a notarial real right contract is concluded, which involves the transfer of ownership of the object of the contract, then the client must pay the remaining 85% of the purchase amount.

The Contract price includes

Interior design according to the interior design packages, connections to the central water and sewage system and electricity.

The Contract price does not include

The notary and state fees connected with the award of the contract, nor the connections to communications and security service providers, the storage and parking spaces.


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