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The foundation R/b plate foundation
Underground parking An underground parking floor that can be accessed via a ramp outside the building.
Exterior walls Stacked concrete block, partially filled and insulated with polystyrene foam.
Interior walls The walls between apartments are of concreted hollow blocks. The internal walls of the apartments are on a metal structure, extra hard plasterboard light wall. Sound insulation in the wall.
Inserted ceilings Assembled r/b panels. On the internal wall plate, there is a 50 mm wool plate and 60 mm of levelling concrete.
Roof Insulation EPS (average 300 mm, pivoting) with wool plate (30 mm) and two layers of SBS roofing.
Facade The exterior façade of the building is covered with laminate brick.
The windows and balcony doors PVC plastic windows with tripe selective glass and heightened soundproofing.
Doors The exterior doors of the building are made of aluminium profile. The doors of the apartments are made of wood, lock Assa 565 or analogue. Oak veneer internal doors, wooden door jambs. Glass door for the sauna.
Stairs Made of monolithic reinforced concrete.
Balconies With glass guards. Glazed balconies with removable modules. Floors of balconies and terraces are made of terrace boards.


Heating A natural gas-powered boiler is the heat supply source of the building. The apartments have water floor heating.
Ventilation Apartment-based supply-exhaust ventilation units with heat recovery, which are installed under the suspended ceiling of the sanitary facility.
Water supply and sewerage The building is connected to the water supply and sewerage network of the city. Hot water is produced locally in the boiler plant of the building. Sanitary engineering in accordance with the selected internal finishing package. Connections for a washing machine installed. The price does not include the kitchen sink or blender.
Rainwater Rainwater on the roof is guided to the rainwater drainage.
Electricity The main fuses of the apartments are 3 x 16 A, double tariff counter. Switches and sockets are from the Legrand Niloé series. The suspended ceiling zone has recessed lights; other lights and installation are not included in the price.
Low current Data cables are installed. Telephone entry system.


Ceilings Finished r/b ceilings. Plaster ceilings partially on metal structure, puttied and painted.
Walls Plastered, puttied, painted (shades in accordance with the Purchaser's wishes).
Floors Single-stripped parquet, veneer in accordance with the selected interior finishing package. Floor toned wooden floor skirting boards. Ceramic tiles in wet rooms.
Washrooms Floors of the bathroom, toilet and sauna tiled; bathroom walls tiled in full, toilet walls painted. Ceilings painted.
Steam room Possible to order as an extra for apartments where sauna is marked on the plan. By default those apartments will have a bigger washroom. Steam room will have alder boarding, electric heater 6 kW.

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