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A peaceful life under the pines of Pirita

Healthy lifestyle

Walks by the Pirita River, in Botanical Garden or on the health tracks of Pirita begin from your home. Roads to the most esteemed health track of Tallinn begin in front of your house. Enjoyable activities are available in every season – walking, jogging, biking, roller-skating, tennis, skiing, skating – all of this in the immediate area of the new home.



A public recreational area/terrace for families with a playground for toddlers is going to be built in the area between the apartment buildings at Vahulille Road 6. A larger playground offering more activities is 5 minutes away. There are plenty of activities and hobby clubs for older children at the Pirita Kose Leisure Centre. Bus number 6 departing for the Metsakooli bus stop 2 minutes away takes the children to the Pirita Economic Gymnasium, just as a school bus. With its frequent schedule, Bus number 5 creates a quick connection with the city centre.


Energy efficiency

Ventilation units with heat recovery, heat-resistant structure, triple-glazed PVC windows and other apartment-based energy-efficient solutions ensure low utility costs. The apartment buildings of Vahulille Road 6 are in the economical energy class B.


Quality and security

The apartment buildings of Vahulille Road are built to last. The stone building, with additional stone walls between the apartments, ensures sound-proofing. The developer and builder of the project ensure a high-quality construction with their long-term experience. Construction warranty.

Underground parking

In addition to convenience for car users, the safe and weather-resistant underground parking floor creates a car and stress-free environment around the apartment buildings.

Good indoor climate

The apartment-based ventilation unit and the water floor heating adjusted by apartment, balance the circulation of heat and air, thus providing the apartments with an optimum indoor climate. There is always enough fresh air in the home, since the ventilation is yours to adjust.

Planning and space

The well thought-out layouts offer luxury characteristic to Pirita – the rooms are spacious, there is enough closet-space in the apartments, three- and four-room apartments have a sauna and several toilets. Each apartment has a possibility to purchase a spacious storage area on floor 0. All the prerequisites for a dream home are met.

Glazed balconies and terraces

Each apartment has a weather-proof balcony; several apartments on the ground floor have a private terrace or the possibility to step onto the lawn from the apartment..

Interior design and personal taste

The interior design packages of the Vahulille Road apartment buildings have been prepared by renowned interior designers. If you are not able to find a suitable one from among them, we will listen to all your requests concerning the interior solution and the finishing during the construction period.

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